Lines Bridge


Architecture 602, Cal Poly Pomona

Architecture and Engineering Team:
Peter Duong | Bryan Gonzalez | Michelle Houser | Victoria Huynh | Kishan Patel | Johnny Tran

Located in Azusa Canyon on the West Fork of the San Gabriel River, LINES Bridge connects a day use area to the North Fork San Gabriel Scenic Bikeway with a 120 foot span. The bridge will allow trail accessibility to those enjoying the day use area, increasing the use of both the day use area and trail. It will also give access to picnic, parking, and restroom facilities to those using the bike trail.

Currently there is no safe path between the two areas, forcing people to cross the busy highway or ford the river. The bridge will give a secure route while encouraging the use of both areas. Additionally, it will prevent soil erosion along the banks and habitat degradation.

The design concept for LINES Bridge is derived from motion. The bridge effortlessly floats across the river with its light, thin form. Its transparency and natural materials blend it into the surrounding environment. Visually, the bridge is composed of lines and planes that shift across the landscape, encouraging passage from one side to the other. Structurally, it is a simple, triangular, Pratt truss that could be prefabricated and assembled on site.